Turning dreams into reality is all that counts.

All the know-how and ideas in the world would be worthless if they were never put into practice. This thought is what inspires us to realize the corporate goals anchored in our environmental and sustainability policy. It involves a large number or sometimes small steps.

In the framework of the “Hessian Initiative for Energy Consulting for SMEs”, Sasa Petric – project engineer for energy efficiency impulse dialog at the Hessian rationalization and innovation center for industry, Hessen Rationalisierungs- und Innovationszentrum der Wirtschaft e.V. (RKW Hessen) – audited our firm and said:

“I’ve been working in this field officer position at the Hessian ministry for over two years now, and can safely say your company is exemplary.”

So what have we achieved so far?


Goal: to upgrade a simple commercial property built in the 1980s to a property whose energy attributes surpass those required by the latest German Energy Conservation Regulation.

Completed measures:
  • Gutting of existing property

  • Insulation of building (19 cm)

  • Triple glazing

  • Disposal of hazardous building materials (e.g. eternit)

  • Rain water cistern for watering green areas

  • Re-cultivation of large graveled areas including disposal of contaminated waste

  • Maximum planting of new green areas while taking into account local flora and fauna

  • Disconnection of off-peak electricity to avoid standby consumption

  • Renewal of the entire heating system (75% energy saving)

  • Second roof cladding for the office building for natural cooling and shading

  • Renewal of the repair shop roof:

    • Replacement of eternit

    • Natural lighting

    • New insulation for achieving maximum energy efficiency

    • Landscape roofing on the top of the warehouse

  • LED lighting in workshop and warehouse

Day to day business

  • Garbage separation

  • Professional and environmentally sound disposal and recycling of packaging (legally compliant licensing via activate)

  • Use of LED / energy saving lighting

  • All household appliances (e.g. refrigerator, vacuum cleaner etc.) have the maximum energy efficiency ratings

  • Ecological electricity

  • Staff clothing and merchandize clothing now only in accordance with Ökotex standard

  • Office materials only made of recycling paper (paper/files) or with “Blue Angel” certificate

  • Foodstuffs from biological / sustainable cultivation only (milk, sugar, fruit etc.)

  • Ecological sustainable cleaning materials

  • Involvement and commitment of all involved parties (from suppliers to coworkers) in the resource reduction process


  • Climate-neutral print materials (prospects) on paper with certified cultivation (

  • Green Racing

  • Efficiency improvements through HEICO SPORTIV tuning (e.motion®)

  • Optimum workplace ergonomics (lighting/seating)

  • Research into producing components from replenishable raw materials

Social Engagement