Treat yourself to something special.

So you've got individual, unique wishes not covered by our extensive portfolio? That's never been a problem for us... we take on any challenge!

Take advantage of our experience in constructing sports-touring vehicles and special series and tell us about your visions. We'd be only too happy to analyze these ideas with you and draw up an appropriate concept and offer.

The spectrum covers:
  • Interieur-DesignIndividual interior design

  • Individual entertainment and high quality business solutions (incl. fax, TV, computer etc.)

  • Restoration of Volvo classics

  • Construction and maintenance of Volvo sports-touring vehicles

  • One-off assignments

  • Engine construction

  • Every type of made to order item

  • ConceptCars

For further questions please contact me.
Martin Müller

+49 (0) 6151 / 300 95 -15