HEICO SPORTIV Volvo V40 Makes Comeback At Six Hour Race


HEICO SPORTIV will be celebrating its comeback at the “Six Hour ADAC Ruhr Cup Race”, the season’s highlight of the VLN Endurance Championship at the Nürburgring. Patrick Brenndörfer, Frank Eickholt and Martin Müller will be alternating behind the wheel of 300 hp Volvo V40 D5.

“We’re thrilled to be returning to the VLN at the Nürburgring. This has been our home since 1995, this is where we became motorsport veterans and laid the foundations for our Volvo automobile tuning program,” says HEICO SPORTIV General Manager, Holger Hedtke.

HEICO SPORTIV’s predecessor team, HEICO Motorsport, made its debut with the Volvo 850 T5 station wagon in 1995, a novelty at the Nordschleife which enraptured the fans. The ensuing transformation of HEICO Motorsport into today’s Volvo specialist, HEICO SPORTIV, was followed by numerous other racing cars based on the Volvo S40 and Volvo C30 and a dozen class victories. Today, the Weiterstadt-based team is focusing its efforts on a self-designed Volvo V40 with a 5-cylinder diesel engine.

The enormous challenge that this project poses is described by HEICO SPORTIV product developer and racing driver, Martin Müller: “There’s been immense progress on the racing stage since then; it is meanwhile dominated by GT3 and Cup racing cars which carmakers offer as ‘ready-to-race’ customer sports cars. With a few exceptions, complex in-house developments such as ours are almost impossible to find nowadays. Without the carmaker’s support, it has therefore become exceedingly difficult to put together a competitive package.”  

HEICO SPORTIV, by contrast, relies on its know how and that of chemicals group Evonik which has been one of HEICO SPORTIV’s motorsports partners since 2012. Evonik delivers key components for producing biodiesel fuels, one of the supporting columns of tomorrow’s energy mix for meeting Europe’s climate protection goals. HEICO SPORTIV will be starting in the “AT” class for alternative fuels with an engine running on R33, a bio-fuel consisting of 7% biodiesel, 26% hydrated plant oil and 67% diesel.

The “Six Hour ADAC Ruhr Cup Race” will take place on Saturday, 3 September 2016, starting 12:00h CET. Updates on HEICO SPORTIV’s race progress will be posted at regular intervals on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/heicosportivpage.