VLN 2009: 34. DMV 4h race Nürburgring


Under the harshest of weather conditions, Patrick Brenndörfer and Martin Müller majestically passed the checkered flag in their "HEICO HS3 Bioethanol" at the 34th DMV 4h race, securing the fifth class victory in HEICO SPORTIV's company's history.

"We're overjoyed to have reached the goal intact in our HEICO HS3 Bioethanol, despite the most unforgiving weather conditions. Although there weren't that may contenders at this 'SP4T', a class victory at the Nürburgring long distance championship still isn't a matter of course," observes Patrick Brenndörfer for the record after the race.

New classification rules
From the start of this season, vehicles running on bioethanol must compete in the "regular class" for turbo gasoline engines. "This is a welcomed development in as far as it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the potential of our CropPower85 in true competition with gasoline engines without enjoying any special treatment," explains Martin Müller. And with this, he permits himself a comparison with last year's biodiesel rivals from the new diesel class: "We beat them today as well," he adds, smiling...

Pleasure in driving thanks to biopower and excellent Pirelli tires is reflected in other facts, too, such as the overall 57th place from a total of 182 starters and circuit times on par with the new BMW M3 GT4 driven by touring car world champion Andy Priaulx. "We're content, after all: we only started in 91st place," comments team manager Andreas Hoffmann. Just ten minutes before the end of training, the team had notched itself up to an excellent overall 35th place before falling back after switching to slicks for the drying surface a spot too early.

Spectacular start
The 4h race started on a dry roadway before incipient rain turned the Northern Loop into the proverbial "Green Hell". "That was advantageous for us because we were driving with different tires on front and rear axles. I was easily able to overtake ten contenders in the last third circuit", says Brenndörfer ecstatically.

After ten rounds, in the 24.369 km long combination of Grand-Prix track and Northern Loop, Martin Müller took over at the wheel of the Volvo C30 T5, to subsequently pass the finish line safely with constantly fast circuit times.

Massive potential
Once again, HEICO SPORTIV's excellent results were able to demonstrate the potential of the bioethanol powered HEICO HS3. Constantly fast circuit times, a well orchestrated box crew and a reliable vehicle are the best prerequisites for a good overall result at the 37th ADAC 24h Race at the Nürburgring (May 23-24, 2009).