Engine Sound at the flick of a switch.

General information about Selected Sound

Selected Sound® is HEICO SPORTIV’s answer to the automotive industry’s downsizing trend and is a technology specially developed by HEICO SPORTIV for a superior sound experience.

Selected Sound® combines with the optional HEICO SPORTIV’s e.motion® performance enhancement module to derive the formula of an efficient four-cylinder engine with the per-formance of six cylinders and voluminous sound of a hefty 8-cylinder engine. The principle behind Selected Sound® is as fascinating and it is simple: the HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® control unit passes driving characteristic-relevant CAN data such as speed, rpm, load status and accelerator position directly to a sound processor. The sound processor is, in turn, connected to a conventional HEICO SPORTIV stainless steel end muffler and an actuator which ultimately models the desired acoustic pattern.

HEICO SPORTIV’s development team invested a great deal of precision work in the sound file to generate an authentic sound. The result: Selected Sound® stimulates the senses and gen-erates the unique sound backdrop of a high-volume 8-cylinder engine. A tribute to the Volvo V8 engines of days gone by. In doing so, the driver can choose between the series-produced sound or pure V8 ecstasy, and enable / disable the system with the Start/Stop button or drive mode switch at any time. The intelligent HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® control unit auto-matically enables Selected Sound® as soon as the Volvo starts moving. The Selected Sound® exhaust can be combined either with the HEICO SPORTIV rear skirt and four end pipes or, alternatively, with the series-produced rear skirt.

Selected Sound

HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound® incl. package of quad outlet exhaust and rear bumper cover insert with integrated diffuser
S60/V60, Type 134/155, D4/D5 FWD, EC73/A4/A8/D4204T5/T11/T14

More information

HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound® incl. package of quad outlet exhaust and rear bumper cover insert with integrated diffuser
S60/V60 (134/155) T5/T6 FWD/AWD (EC40/49/B4204T11/T9)

More information
  • Legal: Selected Sound® is delivered with EC approval complying with the StVZO. The operating permit of the vehicle remains unchanged and no entry is required.
  • Quality: All components are designed and developed in-house. All made in Germany to the highest standards.
  • Sound: Authentic V8 sound
  • Experience: Acoustically harmonized to engine load, speed and acceleration
  • Engineering: by HEICO SPORTIV for every Volvo and engine variant
  • Perfectly integrated: can be switched on and off via drive mode or auto start / stop switch
  • Installation: „Plug-and-Play“ - no drilling or welding necessary
  • Perfect fit: For standard rear apron or HEICO SPORTIV rear bumper
  • Fitting Instructions: Including detailed installation instructions and installation video
  • Guarantee: 60 months / max. 150.000 km from first registration*
  • Customer Service: Personal technical after sales support provided with every purchase
*  in accordance with the terms of guarantee

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