AutoBild sportscars 3/2017


400 hp and 275 km/h with a Swedish automobile? Tuner HEICO SPORTIV pushes the new V60 Polestar to its limits making it the fastest Volvo ever!

Sweden and sport? That only used to be true for ice hockey until Swedish tuner Polestar was engaged as official Volvo finisher. One of the first projects went under the name V60. This included an upgrade of its two-liter turbo compressor from 306 to 367 hp, an adjustable chassis, sports brakes, 20” wheels and shorter switching times for the eight-stage automatic gearbox. With such specifications, the station wagon becomes a much more lively experience. But HEICO SPORTIV sees even more potential for liveliness in the Polestar V60. With the help of some electronics and a modified intercooler, the tuner promises to squeeze 33 hp more and a 25 km/h higher top speed.

Longitudinal dynamics: For a 1.8 metric ton station wagon, 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h is nimble, but not breath-taking. The less powerful S4 Avant passes the mark with a similar weight, but a notch quicker. The HEICO V60 is nevertheless two tenths of a second faster than the measured series-produced vehicle and, up to a speed of 200 km/h, its lead even increases to 2.3 seconds. Thanks to the disabled Vmax lock, the station wagon flies at 275 km/h, faster than any other Volvo road vehicle before. Noteworthy is how powerfully the cantankerous four-cylinder engine churns out the revs. The switching salvos are cause for pure joy.

Transverse dynamics: HEICOS  SPORTIV’s Polestar extras include a set of proprietary 20” wheels. The original, adjustable, ex-factory Öhlins suspension was too hard for the test vehicle, configured more for the racing track. Taking curves is a mega sensation. All-wheel drive and Continental tires provide for grip. Those preferring a softer ride can request the dealer to adjust the shock absorbers.

Emotion: For a Volvo, the exhaust sound is phenomenal, provided the 400 hp are kept in mood. HEICO SPORTIV’s handier aluminum shift paddle improve switching pleasure.

Every-day use: Not sensitive to ruts, suitable for families.

Price / performance: Considering the top speed, EUR 4,990 for the power boost is a reasonable price.