HEICO SPORTIV is the world’s leading supplier of exclusive Volvo accessories and offers a complete range of interior and exterior accessories, which embody what the company has stood for over 20 years: Designed, engineered and produced in Germany. With enthusiasm and passion.


The blank of a standard steering wheel is given the special HEICO contour in a forming tool. Then the exclusive HEICO sports steering wheel is created by hand with a passion for detail. Ergonomically perfected with two additional pronounced grip areas and flattened at the bottom, it offers a visual and haptic experience. The attractive combination of high-quality smooth leather and Alcantara® inserts makes it even more desirable.

The elaborate cross seam and 12 o'clock marking are executed in HEICO Blue / Silver / Polestar Gold or Passion Red.

HEICO SPORTIV Sportlenkrad Polestar Gold (1)
HEICO SPORTIV Sportlenkrad silver (2)
HEICO SPORTIV Sportlenkrad Passion Red (7)
HEICO SPORTIV Sportlenkrad blue (2c)
HEICO SPORTIV Signatur Set Blau Lenkrad (1c)

Innovation - Perfection - Fascination

Searching for new possibilities to set a fine accent with a HEICO product in the interior, we used the innovative 3D printing technology for the first time.

With the HP Multi-Jet-Fusion process we are using, which enables particularly filigree contours in perfection, a small bag of unremarkable polyamide powder is transformed into an exclusive HEICO interior detail.

HEICO SPORTIV Signatur Set Silbergrau Startknopf 3

Layer by layer...

...the three-dimensional product, designed in the computer as a 3D CAD data set, is printed and only a minimal finish is required.

Our passion for detail can be seen in the HEICO helmet inlaid in HEICO Blue / Silver / Polestar Gold and Passion Red. The unique surface has a fine structure with a pleasant haptic.

Look forward to an exclusive product, which is produced in a fascinating way.



Good things are still existing:

The legendary HEICO SPORTIV door pins are back. Fits for the Volvo classics C30 (533) & C70 (542), V70 (135) & XC70 (136) and XC60 (156) & XC90 (275).


HEICO SPORTIV Volvo Tuning XC90 (256), white rear scrubber (1)
HEICO SPORTIV Volvo Tuning XC90 (256), white front scrubber (1)

More possibilities for your creativity

A HEICO is not just a slightly more individual Volvo - it is the realisation of your personal ideas and requirements. HEICO SPORTIV enables you to design your Volvo to suit your individual needs and preferences. Whether through a single product or as a complete conversion.

Let us inspire you!