Fresh ingredients for the new Volvo XC60

The new Volvo XC60 is elegant, striking, dynamic and innovative. HEICO SPORTIV re-fines this winning formula and is presenting the premium SUV-based HEICO XC60.

HEICO SPORTIV Volvo Tuning XC60 (246) Frontansicht 2, Classic Depot
HEICO SPORTIV Volvo Tuning XC60 (246) Heckansicht 1, Classic Depot

The HEICO XC60, based on the new Volvo XC60, is a cocktail of high-quality ingredients, beginning with HEICIO SPORTIV’s core competence: performance enhancements. Here, too, HEICIO SPORTIV offers a full horsepower upgrade program, starting at 190 kW (258 hp) for the D5 engine and ending with a spectacular 314 kW (427 hp) system performance for the T8 twin engine. The engine tuning, which goes under the name of e.motion®, comes with a guarantee of up to 60 months / 150,000 km* from the time of the initial registration, and a scope and settlement procedure aligned with the Volvo Manufacturer Guarantee (country-specific). As is the case for all HEICO SPORTIV products, e.motion® is also delivered with a component approval certificate in accordance with § 19 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Act (StVZO) for straightforward entry into the vehicle documents.

The excitement grows as we notch up a gear, as HEICO SPORTIV is offering a new designer wheel with the launch of the XC60. The 9x21 inch VOLUTION® V. sport wheel – a sophisticated evolution of the classical VOLUTION® V. five-spoke wheel – has a sharply concaved spoke arrangement, giving the wheel an even more dynamic and broader appearance. The wheels are manufactured in a low-pressure casting process followed by a complex machining process to remove excess material. This measure makes it possible to realize a 6%, or 1 kg, weight saving compared to the Volvo “Turbine” series wheel. The perfectly selected wheel offset also ensures a harmonious line-up with the bodywork, giving the vehicle a sublime appearance. A further exclusive, visual defining feature is a stainless steel HEICO emblem sunk into the rim flange.

Further amuse gueules include innovative products such as Selected Level® and Selected Sound® which, by far, surpass the series portfolio. As the name suggests, Selected Sound® lets drivers individually choose their preferred  exhaust sound, using the Drive Mode switch to enable/disable the system and switch between the series-produced sound or pure V8 ecstasy.  

Selected Level® was developed to lower the adaptive air suspension, allowing the chassis to be dropped 30 millimeters compared to the respective series configuration. This provides for a sportier appearance, the lowered center of gravity additionally improving the vehicle’s driving dynamics. The ensuing reduction in air resistance also helps improve fuel economy.

HEICO’s designers have also created some delicious tidbits for the interior: the ergonomically designed sports steering wheel supplements HEICO SPORTIV’s interior program with a handcrafted masterpiece. Based on the original steering wheel, it additionally has two distinct recessed grips in the steering wheel rim. The sports steering wheel is delivered in the variant Leather Anthracite/Alcantara Anthracite, with the center-position indicator also integrated in Alcantara. The yarn color is a reserved, sporty silver. The steering wheel’s color design can be adapted to fulfill customers’ individual desires.

For the exterior, a Bodykit is being developed which will further emphasize the front and rear appearance. The HEICO XC60’s optics will be rounded off with the new HEICO lettering for the car’s rear. Comprising five individual high-gloss black letters which boldly flaunt the HEICO brand name, it deftly sets the tuned vehicle apart from its series counterparts.

* (in accordance with the HEICO SPORTIV Terms of Guarantee)