HEICO SPORTIV expands its hybrid drive portfolio

With its new e.motion® performance enhancement offering for the Volvo models S90 and V90 T8, HEICO SPORTIV is expanding its portfolio for Volvo’s TWIN ENGINE models with plug-in hybrid technology. e.motion® is an intelligent software solution that boosts system performance to 314 kW (427 hp) and a maximum 710 Nm of torque.

The so-called e.motion® unit serves as the basis of the 15 kW (20hp) and 70 Nm performance im-provement. This proprietary technology developed by HEICO SPORTIV comprises a second engine control unit installed in parallel with the original engine control system.

HEICO SPORTIV’s e.motion® convinces with a perceptible performance boost which extends be-yond just an optimization by simultaneously offering uncompromising and harmonious tuning to optimally exploit the existing engine potential. The intelligent control electronics are connected directly to the vehicle’s CAN bus and permanently monitor all the standard engine protection functions. Should any irregularities be registered, the e.motion® unit immediately disengages, preventing an engine- or powertrain overload.

When the vehicle is running, e.motion® demonstrates it supremacy in terms of torque and acceleration, e.g. in the 0 to 100 km/h sprint: here, the reference car (Volvo V90 T8) with HEICO tuning is a massive 0.7 seconds faster (5.6 sec vs. 6.3 sec). The advantage becomes even clearer with the measurement of in-gear acceleration from 80 to 200 km/h under realistic driving conditions: here the lead rises to over 5 seconds compared to the series counterpart (15.3 sec vs. 20.7 sec).

e.motion® performance enhancement for the Volvo TWIN ENGINE models XC60, S90, V90 and XC90 T8 is now available. A guarantee of up to 60 months and 150,000 kilometers (in accordance with the HEICO SPORTIV Terms & Conditions of Guarantee, country-specific) starting from the date of initial registration is included in the price, at no additional cost. Additionally to that, all e.motion® perfor-mance enhancements come with a parts certificate in accordance with Section 19 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO), enabling and assuring trouble-free registration in the vehicle documents.