HEICO SPORTIV presents 21 inch sport wheel for the new Volvo XC60

HEICO SPORTIV is the world’s first vehicle finisher to offer an individual aluminum wheel for the new Volvo XC60, even before its market launch. The VOLUTION® V. cast alloy wheel – HEICO SPORTIV’s new reinterpretation of its successful five-spoke wheel – will be available in the dimension 9x21 inch from the end of April 2017.


HEICO SPORTIV Volvo Tuning XC60 (246) Pine Grey, detail front

The new Volvo XC60 is preparing to step into the shoes of its predecessor sensation from Sweden. The premium SUV is the latest offshoot of Volvo’s  modular platform strategy SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) and already comes with a comprehensive ex-works individualization program.

HEICO SPORTIV, the world’s leading supplier of exclusive Volvo accessories, is enhancing this program and is the first finisher to offer a cast alloy wheel which, in time-honored fashion, unites a dynamic and timeless design that is positioned above Volvo’s standard portfolio. “As a specialist enrooted with the Volvo brand, we can swiftly implement products which the market demands but are not offered by the manufacturer,” says general manager Holger Hedtke. “With the Volvo XC60, we are therefore particularly proud of again living up to our reputation as the fastest supplier to market,” he continues.

The evolved version of the classic VOLUTION® V. five-spoke wheel has a sharply concaved spoke arrangement giving the wheel an even more dynamic and wider appearance. The wheels are manufactured in a low-pressure casting process followed by a complex machining procedure to remove excess material from behind the wheel spokes. With this measure, a six percent weight saving is achieved by HEICO SPORTIV’s 0.5-inch wider alternative to Volvo’s 8.5x21 inch “Turbine” series wheel. The perfectly calibrated wheel offset for each configuration also ensures a harmonious line-up with the fenders. A further visual highlight is the wheel refinement comprising a bolted stainless steel plaque with a lasered HEICO SPORTIV logo.

The sport wheel, which was designed specially for the new Volvo XC60 and S, V and XC90 models, is also fully compatible with the first generation XC60. For its launch, the 9x21 inch VOLUTION® V. sport wheel will be available in the color combination “Diamond Cut, Black”, with further colors to follow.