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Ralf Kund on the Volvo S90 T6 R-Design in AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS 05/2017
"The S90 doesn’t have the charm of the five- or six-cylinder model; neither is it especially sporty; but if sound is what’s wanted... the #1 address has to be tuner HEICO SPORTIV."

General information about Selected Sound

Selected Sound® is HEICO SPORTIV’s innovative to response to Volvo’s downsizing strategy. This unique exhaust system produces the much sportier sound of large engine and enhancing the driving experience.

Selected Sound’s® meticulously designed components include a stainless steel front silencer and a HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® control unit. The finely tuned exhaust system processes CAN data relevant to the driving dynamics – such as speed, rpm, load conditions and accelerator position – and instantaneously generates the evocative sound of a performance engine under the same conditions.

The exhaust system is installed in conjunction with the original muffler and can be combined with any of Volvo body styles. HEICO SPORTIV also offers an optional independent rear skirt with four high-quality chrome tail pipes for individuals who want to match the acoustic impact of the system with visual a stronger visual presence.

Selected Sound® is delivered with an EC certificate (avoiding the need to enter it into the vehicle documentation) and fulfills the stringent guidelines of Germany’s Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO). Selected Sound® is road legal and your Volvo’s operating permit remains fully intact.

Selected Sound

HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound®
S/V90, Type 234/235, D3 FWD / D4 FWD-AWD / D5 AWD, ECA8/68/D4204T14/T23

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HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound®
S/V90, Type 234/235, T8 (ECBA/B4204T35)

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HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound® in combination with original rear skirt (Trapezium shape)
S/V90, Type 234/235, T6, AWD (EC A2/B4204T27)

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HEICO SPORTIV Selected Sound®
V90CC, Type 236, V90CC, Typ 236, D4/D5, ECA8/68/D4204T14/T23

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