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HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® stands for professional engine tuning for Volvo automobiles with al-ready over 10,000 satisfied customers.

HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® XC40 D4

Type 536, AWD, AT, MY 18-19, ECA6/D4204T12, SCR-KAT


+ 22 kW (30 HP)

+ 50 Nm

- 1, 1s (0-100 km/h)

215 km/h

Technical Specifications

HEICO SPORTIV manufacturer's information
Max. Power 162 kW (220 HP) 140 kW (190 HP)
Max. Torque 450 Nm 400 Nm
0-100 km/h 8,0 s 9,1 s
Elasticity 80-160 km/h* 16,3 s 18,6 s
Vmax 215 km/h 210 km/h
Emission Class Euro 6d-Temp Euro 6d-Temp
* recorded with 2D data recording, see details


All of the stated performance data were calculated by HEICO SPORTIV using 2D data recording on an in-house dynamometer (MAHA LPS3000) for a vehicle licensed in Germany. In this way, HEICO SPORTIV is able to ensure the realistic comparability of the data with and without performance enhancement transparently.

Differences between the power, acceleration and in-gear-acceleration values and the official values published by Volvo may be attributable to country-specific differences and / or different measurement conditions, or may depend on vehicle-specific data such as vehicle type, empty weight, wheel-tire combination or gearbox design. The intrinsic nature of our tests can result in deviations of +/- 5% from the factory specifications.

HEICO SPORTIV assumes no liability for a poorer performance of work engines.

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HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® XC40 D4 Type 536, AWD, AT, MY 18-19, ECA6/D4204T12, SCR-KAT

1.690,00 EUR*

Installation cost (10 AW):

143,99 EUR*

Registration (§19 StVZO)

93,00 EUR*

Note: 1hour = 10AW

* Country specific HEICO SPORTIV website

Dear customer,
You are actually on the German website of HEICO SPORTIV with German sales prices and homologation documents.
Please note that deviations in the scope, range limitations and price variances may occur in other countries due to country-specific guidelines and homologation requirements and to other legal regulations (for example different tax rates). Please contact your local HEICO partner in your country to receive a detailed price quote and as well detailed information.
Prices for painting, assembly and for the registration of our accessories in the car documents are relating to the labor time costs at HEICO SPORTIV Germany.

Power upgrades since 1995

Since 1995, HEICO SPORTIV has been developing and selling performance enhancements exclusively for Volvo automobiles. Today, it is the #1 Volvo tuning supplier worldwide. Benefit from HEICO SPORTIV’s longstanding motorsports experience, its numerous class victories at endurance races at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, its knowledge as a contracted Volvo dealership, and the constructive use of greater performance and torque for your Volvo.

HEICO SPORTIV’s performance enhancement – which is colloquially referred to as chip tuning – goes under the name of e.motion® and stands for “efficiency in motion”. It is a proprietary HEICO SPORTIV technology for efficient engine tuning which consists of a second, equivalent engine control unit (ECU). HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® is available for almost all Volvo engine models, has no implications for the prescribed service and maintenance intervals, and comes with up to 60 months / 150,000 km guarantee* from first registration. The e.motion® supplementary control unit can be installed in a flash thanks to simple “Plug-and-ride” technology, and can be programmed, diagnosed and updated with new software online.

*  in accordance with the HEICO SPORTIV terms of guarantee

HEICO SPORTIV does not optimize, but enhances power and performance.

HEICO SPORTIV’s tuning program goes beyond Volvo’s Polestar portfolio in that e.motion® does not optimize performance, but rather tangibly improves power and torque. HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® works in parallel with the original engine control unit, operating independently as a second “brain”. This intelligent chip tuning variant ruthlessly and harmoniously tweaks the existing potential of Volvo’s engines, drawing the maximum possible reserves out of them. By capturing all the relevant engine data, the supplementary control unit selectively adjusts the relevant parameters, thereby significantly improving acceleration – both from standstill and in-gear – and optimizing the response characteristics, maximum speed and consumption.

Tangible performance enhancement for infinite driving pleasure. Guaranteed and risk-free!

All the standard engine-protection functions are permanently monitored. Should a problem arise, the e.motion® engine tuning deactivates itself in a flash, avoiding drive train- or engine-overload damage. Your Volvo then continues to drive as usual, with the performance of a series-built vehicle. The same is also true if the engine overheats or is still cold: e.motion® is only activated once the engine has reached an optimal operating temperature. HEICO SPORTIV vouches for this with up to 60 months / 150,000 km guarantee from first registration, and with a scope and settlement process oriented to that of the Volvo Manufacturer Guarantee*.

*  in accordance with the HEICO SPORTIV terms of guarantee

Our pledge: OEM-level quality assurance.

To ensure outstanding, OEM-level quality, every tuning variant of every individual engine and gear-box combination undergoes a precisely defined product development process.

All the relevant parameters are adjusted, meticulously tuned with each other, and proven on our in-house roller dynamometer. Our aim is to achieve the highly complex, perfect interaction of rail- and boost pressure, injection duration and injection time without breaching construction-dependent loading thresholds of engine, gearbox, drive train and soot filter. Particularly noteworthy is the indexing of the combustion pressure in the cylinder which ensures the longevity of the engine. This is followed by an elaborate test drive – initially for simulating extreme, continuous loading on the test track and, after that, in every-day conditions in regular road traffic.

HEICO SPORTIV engine tuning is TÜV-audited and KBA-certified.

To ensure systematic and sustainable implementation, all product development processes are certified for compliance with the DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). All diagnostics and update functions are fully retained, as too are Volvo’s iconic durability and suitability for every-day driving. The prevailing exhaust standards are also naturally fulfilled.

To ensure problem-free registration*, HEICO SPORTIV’s performance enhancements are examined by the German technical inspectorate, TÜV, and delivered with the necessary component approval certificate in accordance with §19 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Act (StVZO) / General Operating License (ABE) or, for Switzerland, Conformity Certificate. Another defining attribute of HEICO SPORTIV’s engine tuning is the production plate affixed in the engine bay, which identifies the installed software version and carries a unique serial number.

HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® is also combinable with the full service offering Volvo PRO, the Volvo PRO New Car Extension Guarantee and VOLVOSELEKT*. That is unique. Worldwide.

* Country specific

More performance – combined with low consumption and exhaust values.
Is that possible? Sure... if you intelligently use today’s technologies.


HEICO SPORTIV takes a holistic approach. Admittedly, we’re after more horsepower, better driving dynamics and superior driving pleasure. But not at the expense of our environment. Our aim is to fully exploit your existing engine’s potential and optimize its efficiency; to find the perfect balance between better performance and lower fuel consumption. In a nutshell: it’s all about efficiency.

The benefits of e.motion® engine tuning are most evident in every-day driving. Thanks to the higher torque, you can literally take your foot off the gas to attain your desired speed. The engine runs less under full load, and the lower rpm level reduces fuel consumption. Besides the aspired driving-safety and performance improvements, this is also a pleasing and measurable effect.

Moreover, all HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® performance enhancements also fulfill the valid exhaust standards. This is verified by the fact: your HEICO SPORTIV Volvo is at least as clean as its series counterpart. Performance and environment? For HEICO SPORTIV, it’s no contradiction.

  • To the video: Why HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® power upgrade
  • Power: significantly more torque, power and efficiency
  • Driving pleasure: even, sovereign power delivery
  • Benefit: significantly improved acceleration and elasticity values
  • Guarantee: up to 60 months / 150.000 km guarantee from first registration; scope and handling oriented towards to that of the Volvo Guarantee*
  • Legal: incl. expert appraisal under §19 StVZO / General Operating Certificate (ABE) and Conformity Certificate (CH). Guaranteed hassle-free entry into the vehicle documentation**
  • Loyalty bonus: for repeat purchases of a HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® power upgrade, we offer the customer a once-only discount of 20% off the recommended retail price
  • Quality: all components are designed and developed for every Volvo and engine variant by HEICO SPORTIV - Made in Germany!
  • Installation: "Plug-and-ride" - removal possible at any time
  • Service: can be programmed, diagnosed and updated online, no impact on service intervals and maintenance
  • Intelligent: monitoring of all series-programmed engine-protection functions
  • Efficient: no impact on sfuel-consumption and CO2 emission values for almost all engines (in accordance with the mandatory measurement procedure)
  • UPS: can be combined with Volvo PRO, Volvo PRO New Car Extension Guarantee and Volvo Selekt**
  • Verified: all performance details confirmed by TÜV Rheinland
  • Exclusive: not in connection with other manufacturers’ power upgrades (e.g. Polestar)
  • Insurance: classification remains unchanged** (we recommend to inform the insurance company about the engine tuning)

*   in accordance with the HEICO SPORTIV terms of guarantee
** country-specific

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