Performance offensive by HEICO SPORTIV

HEICO SPORTIV is offering a Performance Kit for the Volvo new S60 T6 and the models V60, S90 and V90 T6 under the motto “The Power of Independence”. The Kit consists of an e.motion® power upgrade, a flap-controlled four-endpipe sport exhaust system, a sport air filter and the new high-performance intercooler. The Hessian power therapy boosts the maximum performance of the two-liter turbo-engine to 265 kW (360 hp) and 480 Nm torque.


Volvo V60

With this, the HEICO SPORTIV model surpasses it series-built counterpart by a strapping 16 percent and currently spearheads the portfolio for performance-oriented Volvo customers. “Also in times like these, further optimizing and improving the performance of Volvo vehicles remain our primary objective. The new Performance Kit confirms that the symbiosis of driving safety and driving pleasure is no contradiction,” says HEICO SPORTIV General Manager, Holger Hedtke.

The Performance Kit’s centerpiece is HEICO SPORTIV’s performance enhancement comprising the e.motion® unit and corresponding cable harness. The intelligent system captures all of the relevant engine data, channeling the desired additional power to all four driven wheels. It cuts the acceleration time that the T6 needs to reach 100 km/h by 0.3 seconds, and allows an electronically throttled top speed of 250 km/h. HEICO SPORTIV’s e.motion® power upgrade has no impact on the prescribed service and inspection intervals and comes with a maximum 60-month / 150,000 km warranty starting from the initial registration date (subject to HEICO SPORTIV’s Terms & Conditions of Warranty).

The HEICO SPORTIV Performance Kit has been homologated according to the new WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) and RDE (Real Driving Emissions) guidelines. The test procedure takes place under certain driving situations specified by the legislator under real conditions. This elaborate and cost-intensive homologation underlines the high standards of seriousness and professionalism of HEICO SPORTIV.

Another of the Performance Kit’s highlights is the newly developed high-performance intercooler. The snugly fitting aluminum cooler is considerably larger than the series-produced component and its larger intake area provides for outstanding cooling capacity. This optimizes the intake air temperature, ultimately resulting in better engine performance. The HEICO SPORTIV sport air filter, which is specifically designed to operate with the cooler, enables a 40 percent higher airflow and further optimizes engine responsiveness.

The Kit is rounded off by HEICO rear lettering for the vehicles trunk and HEICO SPORTIV’s four-endpipe sport exhaust system with electronic flap control. The system captivates with its ultimate sound experience, offering an exclusive choice between sportily vibrant and uncompromisingly beguiling, at the flick of the HEICO SPORTIV switch. The full stainless steel system with its four elliptical, black chrome stainless steel endpipes made of top-quality materials lends the Volvo enormous visual appeal. The system is delivered with an EC authorization, thereby avoiding the need for separate registration.

These perfectly matched components are available at an attractive package price or can be purchased separately.