A Real Eye Catcher With Selected Level®

With Selected Level®, HEICO SPORTIV is for the first time ever offering a technology for lowering Volvo’s adaptive air suspension.


HEICO SPORTIV Volvo Tuning XC90 (256) Side (1)

The adaptive air suspension can be delivered as an optional feature ex-works for Volvo’s XC90 model and has four adjustable driving modes that not only alter the chassis characteristics but also the vehicle’s height.

With Selected Level®, HEICO SPORTIV offers an all-in-one solution that is tailored specifically to the adaptive air suspension and allows the chassis to be lowered a further 30 millimeters compared to the respective series setup. This provides for a sportier appearance, the lowered center of gravity additionally improving the vehicle’s driving dynamics. Moreover, the reduce air resistance also helps improve fuel economy.

Selected Level® is individually tuned to the driving modes Comfort, Eco, Dynamic and, where applicable, Hybrid; for Off Road mode, there are no changes. Furthermore, customers can configure their own preferences – and, therewith, the vehicle height – in Individual mode. The “Easy-Entry” function assists passengers as the get into the car by lowering the vehicle a further 10-40 millimeters (depending on the driving modes) when parked, thereby intensifying the car’s already brawny stationary appearance.

Selected Level® consists of the e.motion® control unit including HEICO SPORTIV software and a matching cable harness for quick assembly. Selected Level® costs EUR 1,790.00 and will be available from December 2016.

To further optimize the optical impression, HEICO SPORTIV recommends Selected Level® with VOLUTION® sport rims or, for series wheels, in combination with HEICO SPORTIV fender extensions.