Stand alone: New 20-inch alloy wheel from HEICO SPORTIV

The VOLUTION® X. in ten-spoke design is one of the most popular alloy wheels in the HEICO SPORTIV range. Now, the coveted piece of art is also available in the 9x20 inch dimension, suitable for almost all current Volvo models as well as the Polestar 2.

HEICO SPORTIV Polestar 2 - VOLUTION X. 20", Gloss black (1)
HEICO SPORTIV S60 (224) - VOLUTION X. 20", Gloss black (1)

The VOLUTION® X. in 20 inches closes the gap between the well-known VOLUTION® V. Classic in 19 inches and the various designs in 21 and 22 inches. The latest HEICO alloy wheel combines the best of three worlds: Excellent comfort, maximum sportiness and exclusive design.

A special feature of the VOLUTION® X. is its low weight, which is achieved thanks to low-pressure casting and a complex machining process. The fine, but nevertheless strong spokes, makes the aluminum wheel to an unique eye-catcher. Thanks to the perfect offset, the ten-spoke wheel fits flush with the car body, ensuring a powerful expression and presence.

Compared to an original Volvo wheel, which weighs up to six percent more, the VOLUTION® X. scores with a perfect compromise between sportiness and comfort.

An attractive price level, comparable with the standard product, completes the plus points. Thanks to the color-matching HEICO SPORTIV wheel hub cap, the HEICO SPORTIV valve kit and a bolted stainless steel badge with HEICO lettering, the result is a harmonious and exclusive overall appearance on the vehicle.

The VOLUTION® X. in the 9x20 inch dimension also fits on vehicles with HEICO SPORTIV brake systems, making it a logical addition to the HEICO wheel range. Thanks to a rim width of nine inches, wider tires can be fitted for optimum grip and an even sportier appearance. HEICO SPORTIV recommends tires from technology partner Pirelli.

The market launch is planned for April 2023, the price is an attractive 600 euros (incl. 19% VAT) and thus offers an entry into the HEICO wheel world. Initially, the alloy wheel will be available exclusively in "Gloss Black", with alternative color combinations to follow. The VOLUTION® X. from HEICO SPORTIV fits on the Volvo models C40, XC40, S/V60, S/V90, V60CC/V90CC and the Polestar 2, further applications are planned.

Delivery includes general operating permit (ABE) for problem-free use of the wgeels as well as a lifetime warranty that ensures replacement at half list price in the event of any damage.