Update e.motion® V-max Increase

As announced some time ago, our engineers have been intensively investigating if it is possible to develop an increase of the top speed for vehicles from model year 2021.

The short answer is: Yes, we can!

The more detailed answer: HEICO SPORTIV will launch the first applications at the end of November, and will subsequently expand its range of products step by step.

The heart of the system is the HEICO SPORTIV e.motion unit, which raises the Vmax to the level of model year 2020. Depending on the engine variant, this corresponds to an increase in top speed of 30 to 70 kilometers per hour.

The Vmax increase is supplied including expert opinion and HEICO warranty. Prices are based on the following gradation:

40 series

  • Petrol engine: EUR 1.112,06 (H2020400)
  • Diesel: EUR 1.112,06 (H2020400)
  • Hybrids: EUR 1.198,27 (H2020450)

60 series

  • Petrol engine: EUR 1.284,48 (H2020600)
  • Diesel: EUR 1.284,48 (H2020600)
  • Hybrid/T6: EUR 1.370,68,-- (H2020650)

90 series

  • Petrol engine: EUR 1.456,89 (H2020900)
  • Diesel: EUR 1.456,89 (H2020900)
  • Hybrid/T6: EUR 1.543,10 (H2020950)

Initially, the range will focus on the more powerful models and engine variants, while applications for the weaker variants are still being evaluated.