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HEICO SPORTIV EX30 (216) Crystal White Rear - Bodykit Your Choice (1)
HEICO SPORTIV EX30, Explosionsdarstellung Heckdiffusor
HEICO SPORTIV EX30 Explosionszeichnung Diffusor (1)
HEICO SPORTIV EX30 (216) Crystal White Rear - Bodykit Your Choice (1)
HEICO SPORTIV EX30, Explosionsdarstellung Heckdiffusor
HEICO SPORTIV EX30 Explosionszeichnung Diffusor (1)


The best comes last.

The motorsport-inspired design highlight ensures a powerful presence with its muscular, striking design.

The seven-part rear skirt add-on consists primarily of two side-mounted winglets and a centrally positioned diffuser element.  The components are precisely integrated into the standard components. The option of painting them either in high-gloss black or in the color of the car provides additional customization options.

The rear diffuser is also effective as an individual part - for a harmonious overall impression, we recommend combining it with the front spoiler and the winglets on the side skirts. 

The tuning parts are available both painted and unpainted. The "HEICO Choice" program reflects the recommendations of the HEICO design team. In addition, you can let your imagination run free and use the "YOUR Choice" program to select personal color combinations. Thanks to the paint table provided, communication with the painter is effortless.

"Made in Germany"
All components were designed in CAD for precision at OEM level. Production using the complex PU-RRIM process guarantees components of the highest quality for optimum fit, excellent paintability and a long service life. Complies with the current pedestrian protection regulations.

Scope of delivery
Seven-piece rear skirt add-on, consisting of: central diffuser element and winglets including brackets left/right.

Including expert opinion and conformity certification (CH) for hassle-free registration in the vehicle documents.

Plug & Ride: No modification of serial parts necessary, perfect fitting accuracy, including detailed assembly- and painting instructions.

Up to 60 months / 150.000 km guarantee from first registration. Scope oriented towards to that of the Volvo Warranty.

Installation & registration costs

Costs for installation and, if desired, registration with HEICO SPORTIV, D-64331 Weiterstadt:

Installation cost (
238.00 EUR
incl. 19% German VAT
Registration cost §19 StVZO:
- for one product, with several products price on request
118.00 EUR incl. 19% German VAT
Note: 1h = 10AW

Product dimensions & weight

Size and weight including the transport packaging:

Width (cm): 170,0
Height (cm): 50,0
Length (cm): 14,0
Weight (kg): 5,2

Legal notices & guarantee

1. Country specific note

Please note that due to country-specific guidelines and requirements for the homologation of an accessory, there may be deviations in the scope of performance and validity of our legal information.

The information provided refers exclusively to the legal situation and requirements in Germany and Switzerland.

2. Guarantee & guarantee extension

(Status January 2021)

Products from HEICO SPORTIV stand for: Designed in Germany. Engineered in Germany. Produced in Germany. All products are developed and produced according to the highest manufacturer standards and homologated in accordance with strict German and Swiss approval laws. They are tested and have expert opinions according to §19 StVZO or general operating permit (ABE) or a conformity certificate (CH).

Not for products that are marked as only for export.

This, as well as the serious and comprehensive HEICO SPORTIV guarantee of 24 months / 80,000 km underlines our high quality standards.
In addition, you can extend the HEICO SPORTIV guarantee by another 36 months and 70,000 km to a total of 60 months / 150,000 km - at no extra charge!

All you have to do is fill out the registration for the HEICO SPORTIV guarantee extension and you will enjoy maximum protection and safety from now on.

The key facts in the overview:

  • Up to 60 months / 150,000 km guarantee from first registration on all products - at no extra charge!
  • In scope and handling based on the Volvo manufacturer's guarantee (country-specific)
  • Incl. coverage of possible consequential damages through HEICO SPORTIV e.motion® performance enhancements (country-specific)
  • Including mobility guarantee (country-specific)
  • Incl. parts certificate according to § 19 StVZO or ABE and conformity certification (CH). Except for products that are marked as for export only
  • Technical online and telephone support Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 17:00 (CET)

Register now and benefit from five years / 150,000 km HEICO SPORTIV guarantee.

3. Legal information

Legal information on the retrofitting of accessories.

The retrofitting of accessories may make an acceptance and registration obligation in the vehicle documents legally mandatory.

The general type approval of the vehicle expires through the installation of accessories subject to acceptance and registration if the acceptance of the accessory installation has not been carried out immediately by an officially recognised test facility in accordance with § 19 StVZO and confirmed in accordance with § 22 StVZO. The accessories must be entered in the vehicle documents.

Due to the fact that there are different registration documents and legal requirements, the following procedure should be followed with regard to the facts of the case:

For accessories with registration-free ABE (e.g. exterior parts):

The accessories are delivered with ABE and are registration-free. If the installation is carried out with other products from which an interaction can be caused, a change acceptance with costs can become necessary according to StVZO § 19.3 or § 19.2 in connection with § 21.

For accessories with non-registration-free ABE (e.g. alloy wheels):

These accessories will be supplied with an ABE. According to the KBA specifications, a chargeable modification acceptance is required.
If the installation is carried out with other parts which may interact with the accessory, an individual approval (StVZO § 19.2 in connection with § 21) may be required.

For accessories with part certificates (e.g. performance upgrade):

The accessories will be delivered with a parts certificate. A chargeable modification acceptance in accordance with StVZO 19.3 is mandatory, otherwise the vehicle's operating licence expires. If the attachment/installation is carried out with other parts that may interact, the necessity of a chargeable individual approval (StVZO § 19.2 in conjunction with § 21) may arise.

For accessories subject to acceptance and registration without supplied approval documents (e.g. performance upgrades for export markets):

Even without a parts certificate, an registration in the vehicle documents is possible with an individual inspection at a recognised test institute for which a fee is charged. As the exact procedure and costs for an individual inspection vary from case to case, you should contact the relevant testing institute directly for details of the individual inspection in your case.

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